we shine like small town stars through the best days of our lives

a very very belated birthday natalia kills for my princess tal ♥ i love you so much sweetie.

a lil’ blaine + the andersons sketch to go with the hummels i posted yesterday ♥

just a lil’ drawing i was asked to do of little kurt with his mum ♥


i misread this post as carlos hiding under the couch and couldn’t get the image of carlos just having a permanent little couch fortress where he does science stuff and listens to cecil’s show and hides from valentine’s cards and mysterious men with briefcases and poetry out of my head. also i have a night vale blog now so i’ll start posting art there, feel free to go follow for more ♥


some cecilos for bron, because sweet radio/scientist princes ♥


we rode our bikes to the nearest park, sat under the swings and kissed in the dark

this is for darling bron, who asked me for kurt and sebastian kissing on swings at a park at night like forever ago, i hope you like it honey 


here comes the breath before we get a little bit closer, here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

happy kurt/blaine anniversary 


To always love you.

Based off skintightsocks’ fic of the same name, and thus obviously dedicated to Ann & Bowery (who doubled as excellent cheerleaders as well as inadvertent writers for this) ♥


it’s already christmas eve here so i’m posting this now in case i don’t get a chance tomorrow, but here’s my little merry christmas/happy holidays for you guys :x hope y’all have a fabulous christmas and/or enjoy your day!

oh, take me back to the start

i’m genuinely sorry, but i just employed my usual coping mechanism of throwing my feelings at my tablet /o\